CUNY Hackathon Spring 2017


CUNY students from any of CUNY's 24 schools! CUNY Startups invites you to sign up to participate in CUNY Hackathon Spring 2017 -- you'll need your CUNY student ID at check-in. You'll get to take part in three full days of hacking and collaborate to build something awesome! The theme is Hack your Resume. Just pick an idea that you think might wow one of New York's tech companies. Compete for prizes, get fed and get free swag! What could be better?


Prize Pool
Ricoh Theta 360 Cameras
Prize Pool
BB8 Droids

Live Tweets CUNY Hackathon Spring 2017

My 1st Hackathon!!! Can't wait! #lagcctech https://t.co/2tmaex3bvJ via @Eventbrite

Register for #CUNYHackathon where students from all 24 #CUNY schools #hack for 3 days: https://t.co/l8fma3rkT9