Global AI Hackathon - New York


Designers, data scientists, neuroscientists, idea generators, and coders in the greater New York City area! Are you passionate about artificial intelligence? Hackathon.com invites you to participate in the Global AI Hackathon - New York. As part of a global hackathon event, you'll work on your own, or collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals from your community. So sign up now and you'll get to work on an AI challenge to be announced...and compete for terrific prizes.


Anthony Delgado

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RT @HackathonCom: Big news...we're bringing the #GlobalAIHack series to...drum roll🥁... #TORONTO!🇨🇦 sign up now, there's still time! https:…

RT @HackathonCom: Congrats @Synced_Global for becoming local organizers of our #globalAIhack series' #Beijing location! So excited! 👏 🎉 🇨🇳

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