Global AI Hackathon - Tokyo


Designers, data scientists, neuroscientists, idea generators, and coders in Tokyo and Japan! Are you passionate about artificial intelligence? Hackathon.com invites you to participate in the Global AI Hackathon - Tokyo. As part of a global hackathon event, you'll work on your own, or collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals from your community. So sign up now and you'll get to work on an AI challenge to be announced...and compete for terrific prizes.

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RT @HackathonCom: Big news...we're bringing the #GlobalAIHack series to...drum roll🥁... #TORONTO!🇨🇦 sign up now, there's still time! https:…

RT @HackathonCom: Congrats @Synced_Global for becoming local organizers of our #globalAIhack series' #Beijing location! So excited! 👏 🎉 🇨🇳

Hack Mind and Machine @hackathonCom #NewYork Global #AI #Hackathon June 23-25 https://t.co/uwXlJGpZkc #NewYorkCP https://t.co/EEEPoGjc8s