Cloud Native Solutions for a Low-Touch Economy Scenario

Organized by Codemotion
From Jun 18th 2020
To Jul 9th 2020
Create innovative solutions for a safe and smart back to work, and to optimize workspaces and productivity.
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The safeness of the work environment is not a recent issue; however, the COVID-19 forced an unprecedented pace of change: almost in an instant, the risk profile of certain activities changed, and Governments were forced to draw the lines of acceptable vs not-acceptable risks, and even unavoidable ones, leading to the lockdown of whole sectors.

Whilst for many tech companies is, generally speaking, easier to move to a work-from-home solution, this is the moment in which other types of business, more traditional, need to find a new solution to provide a smart, safe, effective, and, most important, sustainable work environment.

To create your prototype, you will be able to freely access all tools on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

In particular, each team shall develop the projects through the use of the Oracle Cloud Free Tier, to which each Participant will have free access for 30 days and benefit a facilitated registration process. The instructions for accessing the Oracle Cloud Free Tier will be specified to each Participant within one working day via email to the address provided during registration.

Participation in the Hackathon* can be individual or in teams and it is free of charge. The prize is 1,000.00 euros in vouchers for each winning team member.

To take part, each participant must:

- be 18 years of age at the time of registration

- declare to accept the Official Rules

Click on the Register Now button and follow the steps. Don't forget to join the dedicated Discord server to meet mentors and other participants. In this way, you could find teammates and start networking!

*This event neither promotes nor permits coding activities designed to circumvent security functionality or exploit software vulnerabilities

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