Ideation Workshop, Changi Airport Hackathon

IDA Labs, Singapore
Oct 2nd 2015
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*** Due to a very strong demand from the community, registration for this workshop is now closed.  Please put yourself on the wait list (only if you are already in a pre-formed team).  We will try to release more spots later, if other attendees drop out. ***

At the Pre-Hackathon Workshop, Saturday, 26 September, you will learn about the themes and challenges for 

This hands-on workshop draws on Design Thinking principles to explore the themes further through a series of ideation exercises. You will share your observations, participate in discussion, develop / record your insights, ideate solutions and share them. This is also your final opportunity to form / join a team ahead of the hackathon.

• Recap challenges, share key insights from Pre-Hackathon Workshop

• Hands-on group ideation workshop

• Idea pitching and team formation

Why you should join? 

The workshop is designed to examine the hackathon challenges and derive interesting insights and patterns that can serve as the starting point for your work at the hackathon. The session will be guided in a way that provides you with freedom to explore ideas as well as a framework to structure your thoughts.

It's also a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded innovators to share ideas and form teams ahead of the hackathon. Keep in mind that there won't be a team formation session at the hackathon itself. 


Key Dates






More Info

Find out more about the hackathon here.

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