Organized by Ultrahack
From Nov 4th 2022
To Nov 6th 2022
5 000€ cash prize pool
Mimmit koodaa - hackathon is the second hackathon in collaboration with the Mimmit koodaa - program
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Mimmit koodaa - hackathon is the second hackathon in collaboration with the Mimmit koodaa - program. The hackathon is open for all Mimmi’s in the Mimmit koodaa - community, and all other female coders based in Finland. The hackathon offers a safe environment for you to develop and use your tech skills to solve real-life challenges, with the support of high quality mentors. This is a great opportunity to make new connections and learn new skills by creating sustainable solutions in multi-discipline teams.  

Mimmit koodaa- hackathon takes place online between 4th-6th November. No advanced coding skills are required to participate. You should apply as a team of 2-5 persons.

Join the Mimmit koodaa support slack here to already begin networking and building teams, and to receive relevant information about the hackathon and challenges.

The Mimmit koodaa- hackathon is made in cooperation with the Mimmit koodaa- program, and the hackathon is marketed to the wide Mimmit koodaa network. Ultrahack is responsible for organizing the Online Hackathon.


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Accessible digital skills education for all to boost digital up-skilling in an online world
Your challenge is to create a solution that helps up-skilling digital skills, inclusion of all people into the digital society, even the ones that currently don’t use digital technology at all. You can also focus your solution on increasing the level of awareness around cybersecurity and responsible hacking. Cybersecurity here also means all fraud attempts and scams people are facing in their everyday digital life. You can also choose to create a solution that increases the overall accuracy of current ICT skill levels. Find more details about the challenge and apply at https://ultrahack.org/mimmit-koodaa-hackathon-2022

Prizes pool

Got your eye on the prize? See what's in-store for the hackathon winners below.
First Prize


Wondering what kind of hackers are needed to take on the challenges? Find them here.
Back, Front, or Full stack - you turn concepts into reality using sharp coding skills while listening to a hot playlist.
With your deep scientific background, you are able to design and build complicated machines and systems to drive a technical project.
Loves tinkering around with hardware and IoT. Your hands start to itch when you hear a great idea.
Idea generator
You spark creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.
Who would use this solution? You have all the answers to bring the product to market and possess a business brain.
Not techie or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life.
Data Scientist
You and data, it's a long story. A virtuoso that works magic with databases and adds a sprinkle of AI.
In your skillful hands, dashboards and applications gain clarity and style.


Get a leg up on the competition by getting familiar with the hackathon resources at your disposal.
Python Programming basics course free of charge
Python Programming Basics The Python programming basic course is a pre-learning course for the HCIA-AI certification course. This course focuses on the history, features, and application fields of the Python language. The trainees can learn the basic syntax and advanced usage of Python and learn the modules frequently used in Python programming, such as pandas, scipy, and Scikit-learn.
Get a place for their team in Oulu BusinessAsema premises
Three teams can reserve a place for their team in Oulu BusinessAsema premises, with separate working spaces and a common area to watch the event stream.


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