Nairobi Energy Data Challenge: Untangling the Challenges

UX lab, iHub, Nairobi
Dec 1st 2016
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Interested in helping open up access to reliable energy for under-served populations? Sign up to participate in the Nairobi Energy Data Challenge. You'll collaborate on innovative solutions utilizing approaches such as the Internet of Things, off-grid energy access, and pay as you go technology. You'll work on creating solutions to the following core challenges:

  »  Designing meaningful ways to help energy users by communicating with them about their energy use and payment patterns.

  »  Designing IoT systems that work effectively to improve data collection and transmission for pay-as-you-go and off-grid energy service provision.

  »  Using pay-as-you-go technology and data currently collected on energy users to design new ways to provide access to other essential services.

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