Palo Alto Networks & Google Roadshow: Secure the Future

Organized by BMA
From Oct 21st 2021
To Dec 9th 2021
Learn the latest in Cloud security solutions from Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks
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Forward-thinking businesses are fundamentally reshaping the ways they operate, innovate, and communicate. However, each aspect of these new endeavors has important cybersecurity implications. Join Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks at an upcoming roadshow event to learn the latest in cloud security. All events are virtual only and offered at no charge.

  • Pacific Time -  Oct. 21

  • Eastern Time - Nov. 4

  • Central Time - Nov. 11

  • Greenwich Mean Time - Nov. 23

  • Central European Time - (French language) - Dec. 1

  • Central European Time - (German language) - Dec. 9 

Attend and participate in one of our hands-on workshops across these topics: Secure your cloud, extend your security, automate your security

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