#AIHack4Mobility by Deutsche Telekom

Organized by Deutsche Telekom
From Mar 18th 2022
To Mar 19th 2022
Deutsche Telekom is organizing an online hackathon on October 29 and 30 on the subject of mobility
See the website


"Artificial Intelligence for Diversity Teams"

Diversity is a top priority at Deutsche Telekom!

Diverse teams consist of different nationalities and cultures, religions, different age groups and genders, people with or without disabilities and different sexual identities. 

It is precisely this diversity that is important to us since we are convinced that it is different perspectives of diverse people that together produce unique ideas. Furthermore, especially in the responsible development of AI systems, it is important that as many different cultural and social aspects as possible are taken into account in order to enable these systems to make truly fair and prejudice-free decisions.

This is why we want to bring together once again this year very different people to work together on new ideas and solutions for future technologies in an AI Hackathon. 

Be part of it! Diverse teams, diverse ideas!


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