#GirlsInAI2020 Paisley Hackathon - Paisley, Scotland

Organized by Teens In AI
Paisley YMCA, Paisley, Paisley
Mar 7th 2020
Change the world with an AI Solution to a real-world problem
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Scottish girls and young people from underrepresented communities (LGBTQIA)—ages 10-18! If you're excited by the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), then you're invited to participate in the #GirlsInAI2020 Paisley Hackathon.

Come and learn about AI, and develop a diverse set of skills including project management, design & coding. You'll also be challenged to design, prototype, and pitch an AI-based product that addresses a real-world problem.

Check the expert tips page for answers to your #GirlsInAI2020 Paisley hackathon questions!

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