#SmallBusinessWeek Hackathon 2019

Organized by BeMyApp
IN3DC, Washington
From May 3rd 2019
To May 5th 2019
See the website



Team up with entrepreneurs, designers, and high-quality developers working in FinTech and to develop concepts that will help United States small businesses prepare and/or recover from major natural disasters such as wildfires, tornados, snow storms or earthquakes. 


#SmallBusinessWeek Hackathon 2019


Visa and the U.S. Small Business Administration invite you to bring your ideas and your laptop to spend a weekend creating solutions to help develop solutions that could help small businesses recover or prepare for sudden impacts of natural disasters.   



As the heart of communities across the United States, ensuring that small businesses recover following major natural disasters is critical to rebuilding impacted areas overall. Businesses face a wide variety of challenges as they recover from natural disasters including:

Restoring their Revenue Stream

Gaining Access to Funds for both Short & Long Term Recovery

Paying Employees

Finding Suppliers Still in Operation

Dealing with Disruption to Communications & Service such as Electricity


Come develop concepts that would help business owners prepare and/or recover from major natural disasters such as wildfires, tornados, snow storms or earthquakes. Make use of API's from Visa, the U.S. Government, and third parties to build an impactful new tool. Be creative. Be innovative. Most importantly, remember the simplest solutions can be the most sophisticated.     


1st Prize - $25,000

2nd Prize - $15,000

3rd Prize - $10,000


In addition to the grand prizes, Visa and the U.S. Small Business Administration have other great prizes to giveaway!  Are you up for the challenge?

$5,000 Visa API Challenge

$5,000 Authorize.Net API Challenge

Who can best utilize Visa and Authorize.Net's APIs?



Day 1 (Friday):

6:00PM: Opening - registration

6:30PM: Dinner

7:00PM: Idea pitches and voting

8:30PM: Team formation

9:00PM: First lines of code

11:00PM Start hacking overnight


Day 2 (Saturday):

8:00AM: Breakfast/ technical support restarts

8:30AM: Coding continues

11:00AM: "How to give a great pitch"

12:30PM: Lunch is served

2:00PM: On-going team mentorship

6:00PM: Dinner

11:00PM: Start hacking overnight


Day 3: (Sunday)

8:00AM: Breakfast/technical support restarts


10:00AM: Final demos

12:30PM: Lunch is served/judges deliberation

1:00PM: Winners announcement!

1:30PM: Hackathon ends

Contact louisa@bemyapp.com for info.

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