2017 Big Ten Conference - Women in Computer Science Hackathon

University of Iowa Memorial Union, 125 N Madison St, Iowa City
From Dec 1st 2017
To Dec 2nd 2017
A one day hackathon for women from experienced coders to total newbies.


Join us for the third annual Big 10 Conference WICS Hackathon. During this 24 hour hackathon teams compete with the best and brightest women from across the conference and build lifelong friendships. Meet engineers and recruiters from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, John Deere, Uber, and Expression. Prizes will be awarded for the best hack based on creativity, execution, marketability, and code - yes code. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

University of Iowa Memorial Union
1 December 2017 - 2 December 2017
125 N Madison St
Iowa City
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