2019 NASA Space Apps Challenge, Brisbane

Avestix Lab, Fortitude Valley, Fortitude Valley
From Oct 18th 2019
To Oct 19th 2019
Trip to NASA's Kennedy Space Center
Creating Digital Solutions to Space and Earth Sciences Challenges
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Scientists, artists, programmers, storytellers, students, makers, and space enthusiasts in Brisbane and throughout Queensland!   Rodney Persky and Olena Tymchenko invite you to participate in the 2019 NASA Space Apps Challenge, Brisbane. At this 48-hour global weekend hackathon, you'll be challenged to address challenges in Earth science and space exploration. 

Two winning teams from each location will be nominated for global judging. Your team will create a short video project demo and present it to a jury of NASA experts for the chance to win a trip to NASA's Kennedy Space Center for a rocket launch!

Enhance your hackathon experience with expert advice from the tips page!

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