2020 Hear For You Hackathon - BRISBANE

Organized by Hear For You
Brisbane CBD, Brisbane, Brisbane
From Dec 16th 2020
To Dec 17th 2020
Problem-solving for the hard-of-hearing
See the website


Young deaf and hard-of-hearing people —15 to 30 years old — in Queensland, Australia! Hear For You invites you to participate in the Brisbane edition of the 2020 Hear For You Hackathon. 

Come and join a team of up to six people! You'll be challenged to come up with an innovative solution that addresses one or more issues in:

  • Support Cluster No.9 "Increased Social and Community Participation", or
  • Support Cluster No. 15 "Improved daily living skills"

Be prepared to participate in 2020 Hear For You with the best hackathon advice!

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