3/20, 1 p.m. "Shooting 360 Video: A Step-by-step Demonstration" FREE AT&T workshops, Los Angeles

AT&T DIRECTV - The Conference Center in LA5, El Segundo
Mar 20th 2018
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See why over 5,500 people have attended AT&T workshops! 

Register for the Wed, 6- 9 p.m. "Shooting 360 Video" workshop here (sessions are identical so pick the most convenient one)

"Shooting 360 Video: A Step-by-Step Demonstration" uses lecture, live filming demonstrations, and hands-on labs to cover:

     - Why 360?     - What equipment do you need?     - How does producing video in 360 differ from traditional video?     - What are the steps and challenges of planning and filming a 360 movie?     - How is post production different from standard video?     - How do you distribute a 360 video?


In these free 3-hour workshops, Derek Rowe, Instructor for NextGen Interactions, and Director/Producer for Doctrine Creative, demonstrates the creation of a 360 video by stepping through pre-production, production, post and distribution.

When you leave the workshop, you will have a working knowledge of 360 video production and the skills to go out and start producing your own experiences.

RAFFLE! Signed copy of Michael Wohl's The 360° Video Handbook: A step-by-step guide to creating video for virtual reality (VR)

Register for the Wed, 6- 9 p.m. "Shooting 360 Video" workshop here (sessions are identical so pick the most convenient one)

Also join us at the free "Humans and Virtual Reality" workshop

Tue, 6 - 9 p.m. "Humans & VR" workshop REGISTER HERE

Wed, 1 - 4 p.m. "Humans & VR" workshop REGISTER HERE

Derek Rowe, Director/Producer, Doctrine Creative

Derek is a Director/Producer at Doctrine Creative. In that role, he is involved in almost every aspect of the business, from creative direction on each project to marketing to business management.

He has over 10 years’ experience in the digital media industry, growing from a graphic designer to a web designer, a video editor, a film director, and now a virtual reality producer. Derek has worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, TLC, plus many other independent projects. He has produced/directed three feature length films, TV pilots, and for the last two years has been capturing the US National Parks in 360° Video.

Derek is dedicated to producing media that inspires the world and currently believes that immersive media is the most effective medium for bringing about change. 


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