360 Virtual Reality Workshop with Sherrie Robertson

Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles
Jan 13th 2018
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360/VR is blowing up! This futuristic method of story-telling is unlike traditional filmmaking as we know it.  Samy’s Photo School is now offering hands-on training experience to teach the fundamentals of successfully creating your very own VR/360 immersive videos.

During this workshop, Sherrie Robertson will explore various aspects of 360/VR storytelling including scripting, perspective, interactivity, working with actors, spatialized sounds and storyboarding.  There will be a hands-on overview of the essential 360/VR equipment including an introduction to building 360 worlds with cameras, tripods and rigs. Participants will plan a project and then the will work as a team to create a short 360 experience. The workshop will conclude with a brief introduction to 360 editing, plug-ins and stitching as well as an overview on publishing and distributing your new 360 piece.

No prior knowledge is necessary.  All VR production equipment will be provided during the workshop.  Participants must bring their own WIFI ready laptop with the operating system updated to its latest version.  It is recommended, but not required, that participants bring an external hard drive.  It is necessary to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere).

Instructor Bio: 

Sherrie’s recent collaborators in 360/VR include: Immersiv, Dashwood Cinema Solutions, and WeLens. Past clients in traditional film include Red Bull, Body Mints, Fuel Television (Fox), First Hawaiian Bank, Ma Cher, and Triple Crown of Surfing.  Sherrie has also won several awards for her Virtual Reality storytelling/producing work including “Best in Show” at the SF VR hackaton and “Best Design” Google’s Project Tango hackathon. She has two 360 documentaries that are beginning to screen at various festivals around the globe as well. Dramatic feature script, Juke Box Hero, is a two-time Sundance Feature Film Lab finalist currently in post-production. She also produced/directed action sports surf movies that were picked up for U.S. and international distribution.

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