9Billionlives - Impact Jam - Food Waste - TO

Organized by 9Billion Lives
MaRS Discovery District, Toronto
From Nov 18th 2017
To Nov 19th 2017
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WHAT'S AN IMPACT JAM? A two-day Innovation Hackathon focused on turning innovation into impact against a specific global challenge.

The 9Billion Lives Impact Jam - Food Waste will connect innovation hubs in Stockholm, Toronto and Nairobi to collectively work on the Food Waste challenge - sharing skills, ideas, and experiences using the Challenge Dialogue System framework.

WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE. Food Waste in one of our time's biggest challenges as we're approaching 9 Billion people on the planet. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunities. There is no shortage of ideas, innovation, and money, yet grand challenges remain.


A collaborative environment where a mix of skill sets co-create impactful solutions

Across multiple global locations over a 2 day period

Focused on a diverse group of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Experts, Design Thinkers, Engineers and Policy Makers 

Ultimately, it is a unique opportunity to collectively drive sustainable impact in a creative, solution-driven and international environment. And yes, IT'S FREE!

 All we ask in return is dedication, engagement, focus, and that you don't waste food, of course!


- A facilitator lead Design Thinking weekend with unique international networking opportunities

- A great venue downtown MaRS Discovery  District

- All meals, drinks, snacks, and coffee included


- Laptop (don't forget your power cord)

- Research, ideas, insights, skills - whatever you have to contribute!

If you have further questions or would like more information about COLLABORATING, PARTICIPATING or FACILITATING in any of the JAM's, please reach out to Carissa Consoli, cconsoli@9billionlives.org.

We can't wait to see you there!

9Billion Lives

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