Adelaide MedTech Hackathon 2022 - War on Healthcare Waste

Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building - The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide
From Sep 7th 2022
To Sep 14th 2022
$AU1.5k Prize Poll
Create Digital Solutions to Manage Healthcare Waste
See the website


Medtech enthusiasts and professionals in South Australia! The University of Adelaide, ThincLab, and OsteoX invite you to take part in the Adelaide MedTech Hackathon 2022 - War on Healthcare Waste. In this four-day event spread over 2 weeks, you'll be challenged to create innovative digital solutions to the problem of managing healthcare waste. Come and collaborate and compete for prizes from a pool of $1.5k!

Go to the hackathon tips page for information on participation in the Adelaide MedTech War on Healthcare Waste!

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