AEC Hackathon Tampere

Organized by KIRA-digi
Kampusareena, Tampere
From Sep 1st 2017
To Sep 3rd 2017
See the website


Join us to hack the built environment! To celebrate the first year of building movement, KIRA-digi and PTA projects are hosting the AEC Hackathon in Tampere.

The schedule:

FRIDAY SEP 118:00 Doors open19:00 Hackathon kickoff19:30 Lightning Rounds & Team Formations22:00 Adjourn

SATURDAY SEP 29:00 Doors open9:45 Morning Announcements12:00 Lunch13:00 AEC & Tech Talks18:00 Dinner22:00 Adjourn

SUNDAY SEP 39:00 Doors open12:00 Lunch13:00 Hacking Concludes14:00 Team Presentations & Judging18:00 Adjourn


User experience in Kampusareena challenge by KIRA-digi:Building information modeling (BIM) is widely in use for building design and construction but killer applications for use and maintenance are still rare. Help us to find the next big thing in BIM for UX or BIM for FM. Create innovative solutions that take the user experience of Kampusareena to the next level from either visitor or maintenance perspective. In the hackathon, the IFC models (architectural, structural and MEP) of Kampusareena are available in addition to the rich variety of cool tech.Prize: 1000€ gift card to

Digital cities challenge by PTA:Many cities are active in building 3D city models, and the National Land Survey is aiming to compose, step by step, a national database of 3D buildings of the whole country. However, questions about the benefits of these 3D city models have been raised. Help us to convince the sceptics how 3D data of cities can make everyday life more economic, environmentally friendly, rich in experience, or just more fun. Create smart solutions that apply 3D buildings data together with open data. In the hackathon, the 3D city model of Tampere is available in addition to the rich variety of open dataset from the city.Prize: 1000€ gift card to

AEC Hackathon challenges:1. Best overall project - The project that really hits the mark on execution, utility, and technical merits.2. Best project that solves a big AEC problem - The project that solves a big problem for a built environment profession.3. Best hack from a past event - Projects must be from previous AEC Hackathons or from the open source projects below to qualify. Keep the innovation going!

+ company challenges to be revealed soon!

Technologies and data:Microsoft HoloLens, Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset, HTC Vive, Google Tango, Tampere city model, Tampere open data, Kampusareena IFC models etc. Feel free to bring your own!

AEC & Tech Talks on Saturday:Steve Holzer (BIMobject), Greg Howes (AEC Hackathon, IdeaBuilder), Kim Nyberg (Trimble), Mikael Långström (Fira) etc.

The event is free of charge.

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