AgriTech Hackathon – Newmarket

Organized by Talent Hack
Newmarket, Newmarket, Newmarket
From Nov 6th 2020
To Nov 8th 2020
Participation is your prize!
Promoting Agricultural Innovation: efficiency, resilience & wealth
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UK residents -- developers, electronics engineers, plant and animal biologists, physicists, farmers, vets, and agriculture industry professionals! You're invited to come to the AgriTech Hackathon in Newmarket and collaborate to create an innovative technology solution that tackles a designated problem facing the UK's agricultural industry.

Potential challenges include:

- Maximizing soil productivity,

- Improving water use efficiency,

- Reducing greenhouse gases, 

- Boosting biodiversity,

- Etc.

Come with your own multidisciplinary team of 4-6 individuals -- or join one at the event. Present your project to a jury. Entries will be judged based on the quality of the idea, implementation, and potential impact and widespread application.  For the winners, recognition and participation are your prizes!

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