AI Challenge Days – the SmartFactoryOWL Hackathon

Organized by AICommunityOWL
SmartFactoryOWL, Lemgo, Lemgo
From Oct 21st 2022
To Oct 23rd 2022
Prizes for First Three Winning Projects
Driving Industrial Processes with Ai
See the website


Artificial intelligence experts, practitioners, industry professionals, as well as enthusiasts and students with a passion for the topic! AICommunityOWL invites you to participate in the SmartFactoryOWL Hackathon during the AI Challenge Days. 

You don't have to be an expert! Enthusiasts at all levels will get to use real data from a bio-based reusable cup manufacturing facility within the SmartFactoryOWL industry laboratory. You'll be challenged to create your own AI algorithms and develop industrial process solutions. So come and collaborate and compete for awesome prizes for the first three places.

Be prepared with advice from our hackathon tips page!

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