AI Hack DT: 36 hours of AI with eLIZA

Organized by Deutsche Telekom
hub:raum, Winterfeldtstraße 21, Berlin
From Jan 29th 2018
To Jan 30th 2018
Grand Prize for Best Solution: 4.000 €
Join Deutsche Telekom this January to connect, learn, hack and build at AI Hack DT.
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Berlin hackers! Are you interested in how AI can improve the customer experience? Deutsche Telekom invites you to participate in their 36-hour AI Hack DT. You'll get to design and prototype an innovative AI solution to one of five challenges set by DT:

#1 - Create Language Model for New/Difficult Language (perhaps Greek, Croatian/ Spanish, French) – IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NVIDIA

#2 - Knowledge extraction from Telekom Hilft interactions // eCare

#3 - Create a customer support chatbot // Customer Support

#4 - Autonomously Target Users with Emotional Responses for Extra Customer Care

#5 - Image Caption // Lola & eSales

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