Airbnb Startup Experience Programme, London

Dec 14th 2018
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A truly mind-shifting experience inside London's world of entrepreneurs, tech startups and innovation. In a revolutionary new way - with Airbnb.

Why join.

With Airbnb, the world's largest community driven travel company, The London Airbnb Startup Experience Programme, revolutionises how people from around the world experience learning about building and accelerating startups, and explore London's startup ecosystem - in one day. Attended by 300+ startup founders, teams from Apple and Google, governments, MBA students, Youtube stars and innovators from more than 140 cities around the world.

What you'll do.

We begin at one of London's most renowned entrepreneur hubs, with insights about the rise of London's tech startup ecosystem - from its hackathon days to its growing trends, new players and what is happening now - as we see some of the best startup ideas you'll see anywhere in the world.*

Then, you'll learn the startup process, and how entrepreneurs are addressing big problems, creating new business models and building innovative companies - in artificial intelligence, fintech, blockchain and more - all within startup communities. Also discover what investors look for when funding startups and why, how to pitch your startup for venture capital and to apply to accelerators.

Finally, we'll explore one of the best locations in Europe for innovation and the design thinking behind products that have changed the world. From brands like Apple, Google and Facebook to the future of revolutionary technologies like augmented reality, smart cities apps, fashion tech, and 3D printing for a masterclass in startup and design thinking.

Get answers to questions, discover your next steps and join London's startup community - in this truly eye-opening, mind-shifting, learning experience - for individuals, partners, teams and groups.

The format.

The day is begins at 11am, designed as a small group, kept deliberately small with just 2 to 4 people, for better discussion and learning — finishing the day at 3pm in Kensington.

Larger group?

You can also arrange your own group experience, for between 5 to 50 people, with an adjusted format to learn about growing trends in London's startup ecosystem, the startups disrupting your insustry, and innovation and design thinking - simply select your group size when registering. 

Previous attendees. 

Teams from Google, Ebay, Apple and IDEO, startup founders, government teams and leaders, company heads of innovation, property entrepreneurs, Youtube stars, digital marketing managers, women in tech, venture capital analysts and more.

Organised by.

Anthony David King

Anthony David King develops and supports new kinds of startup programmes for innovators, partners and tech communities around the world, including Airbnb, O2, Techstars, Silicon Valley Comes to the UK and Bank of Korea to build new ventures and address future trends -- with a mission to revolutionise the world’s human and startup experience.



The global travel community that uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents.

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More than 170+ reviews


"Game changer experience" - Rui


"The best thing I've done this year" - Goeun


"A masterclass in building a start up company." - Ayob


"The Startup Experience topped my imaginations by far!!" - Frank


"Like someone was showing me electricity for the first time." - Barligea


"Beyond worth what we paid for - this was awesome!" - Adrianne


"If there were six stars, I would give six stars!" - Sasha

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Also running during London Fashion Week, Open House London 2018, London Tech Week, Job Fair, London Design Festival, Black History Month, Halloween and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Not running during Christmas season up to New Years Eve.

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