AIUC Developer Day 2024

Organized by AI User Group
The Hibernia, 1 Jones St, San Francisco
Jan 31st 2024
Use & Build AI Agents at AI User Conference 2024.
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Unlock 10x productivity at the largest Generative AI conference in San Francisco. Empower your workflow with practical insights, workshops, and the latest AI tools. AI is revolutionizing the realm of development. Envision crafting websites or applications through simple English commands. Visualize a surge in your productivity, with AI assisting in code generation, debugging, and streamlining development processes. If mastering these transformative technologies excites you, this event is tailored for you. Apply for FREE or enhance your experience with the Pro Pass.

By attending this event, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from leading AI experts at Github, Hugging Face, IBM and more
  • Attend interactive workshops on AI to help streamline your development process and create innovative solutions
  • Get hands-on demos of the latest AI design tools
  • Network with other professionals and companies who are passionate about AI


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