AIUC Marketer Day 2024

Organized by AI User Group
The Hibernia, 1 Jones St, San Francisco
Jan 29th 2024
Accelerate Your Marketing Strategy at AI User Conference 2024.
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Unlock 10x productivity at the largest Generative AI conference in San Francisco. Empower your workflow with practical insights, workshops, and the latest AI tools. AI is transforming marketing at a fast pace. Envision creating highly targeted campaigns with just a few clicks? See yourself excelling in customer engagement, providing deep insights and automating complex tasks? If you're ready to harness these cutting-edge advancements, this day is designed for you. Apply for FREE or enhance your experience with the Pro Pass.

By attending this event, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from leading AI experts from Notion, Canva and more

  • Attend interactive workshops on AI marketing strategies and tactics

  • Get hands-on demos of the latest AI marketing tools

  • Network with other professionals and companies who are passionate about AI


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