Alorica Hackathon

Organized by U-Events,Inc.
Green Sun - The Hotel, Makati
Sep 2nd 2017
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App Developer, Coders, Programmers and IT Enthusiasts


Be able to design and develop new components

Good knowledge on technical documentation of the product

Collaborating with varied stakeholders across product management to design.

Prototype and deliver best-in-class multimodal customer service experiences

Coordinate with other engineering teams to establish and reinforce disciplined software development processes and best-practices

Must have

Strong foundational computer science knowledge on data structures

2 -5 years of Open source or commercial software development experience

2+ years Java development

Extensive knowledge on web technologies, including web services/REST, jQuery, HTML5 etc.

Self-motivated individual and a team player with good communication skills

Ability to understand the complexity of a problem and provide appropriate business resolutions


Experience building large-scale, high availability production web application infrastructure

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