Amazon Ace Challenge 2019

Organized by Mercer Mettl
Gurugram, Gurugram, Gurugram
From Aug 2nd 2019
To Aug 3rd 2019
Find excellent customer satisfaction based business models.
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Amazon brings you the 9th edition of Amazon Customer Excellence (ACE) Challenge. Here is all what you need to know about ACE Challenge:

ACE Challenge 2019 is a battle on three fronts: Innovation, Strategy, Simplicity. Be it the imagination for innovation, logic that creates strategy, or the artistry behind simplicity, this challenge will test every aspect of your thinking.

From time crunched problem-solving and live case-simulations to an exciting face-off between teams in the finale, the competition allows students to exercise lateral thinking, brainstorm and evaluate challenging case studies. ACE Challenge 2019 sets the stage for the smartest of minds from top B- Schools to compete against the best.

The competition is open to students pursuing full-time MBA across Asia Pacific region (flagship PGP and PGPX program or equivalent) and will be held in three phases

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