Android App Innovation Challenge

From Feb 20th 2020
To Mar 15th 2020
To develop an innovative applications which can be helpful for society.
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The competition consists of two categories having two heads:

1. Solve-It (Category -1 only): If you have an idea that satisfies any of the given theme, find a solution, map it into a prototype without code, and submit it. Two teams will be announced as a winner.

2. Android Hackathon: Select a one problem statement from given set of statements that satisfies any of the given themes, find a solution, convert it into a code and execute it on a mobile device. Three teams will be selected as winners (First, Second and Third place).

Note: Hackathon is held at GMR Institute of Technology in Zenith 2.0 (National Level Technical Symposium) fest.

Each head has four rounds:

Round-1: Idea will be scrutinized by AAIC team.

Round-2: Selected ideas will be supported by voting and judged by panel constituted by AAIC.

Round-3: Selected teams in Round-2 will upload the presentation that will be evaluated by judges.

Round-4: Selected teams in Round-3 will have to upload use-case model and block diagram of your submission idea that will be evaluated by judges.

Round-5: A final presentation will be held at GMRIT campus and evaluated by peer support and judges.


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