Application Security Hackathon

Organized by Moringa School
Moringa School, Nairobi
Jan 20th 2018
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This is an Application Security testing Hackathon that will involve testing of Web/Mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities that attackers can leverage. The event will be guided by application and penetration testing experts from Serianu Limited. Participants will be immersed in a “find the vulnerabilities” game where the will learn and apply hacking techniques in a sandbox environment. To make sure our participants get the most out of this event, we will include tutorials and workshops covering Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Parameter Tampering, Cryptography including the OWASP Top Ten and CWE Top 25.The training will allow players of all skill levels to participate including students, code developers and seasoned security professionals.

It’s will be a great opportunity for participants to test their security skills, identify knowledge gaps and getadditional tips and tricks needed to keep data safe. 

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