Apprenticeships Breakfast B2B

Organized by Anne Bailey
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
Dec 19th 2017
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Find out how apprenticeships are changing – including the new Degree Apprenticeships – and share ideas and discuss challenges with other business professionals in a mini hackathon. You will also have the opportunity to meet leading STEM organisations who have successful apprenticeships programmes and local training providers.

Speakers will cover:

How to design an apprenticeship that meets your business needs

What are the costs and how much is funded

How to find and recruit apprentices

Why consider apprenticeships?

Finding and keeping good people is a huge challenge – particularly in Cambridgeshire with new companies moving in and many expanding fast.

One solution that many science and technology organisations are turning to is apprenticeships. They allow you to recruit and train young people with the necessary skills to succeed in your business.

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