Artificial Intelligence 4 Imaging

Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht
From Dec 11th 2019
To Dec 14th 2019
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This course on Artificial Intelligence for Imaging is a unique opportunity to join a community of leading edge practitioners in the field of Quantitative Medical Imaging. During this 4-days immersive course, clinicians in medical imaging fields (radiologists, oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists), medical physicists with an interest in research, medical imaging researchers, computer scientists with an interest in medical imaging and academics researching quantitative imaging will be able to attend lectures and workshops from world-class experts in Radiomics, Deep Learning, Synthetic Data, and Distributed Learning.  You can also bring your own curated dataset with you for the hackathon (labelled, sorted by outcome, open source or fully anonymised, and cleared by ethics).  If requested ahead of time, we will perform “data matching” for attendees to facilitate external cross validation. There will be ample opportunity to network with faculty members, other participants and companies.

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