Organized by Kjubit
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna
From Jun 23rd 2017
To Jun 24th 2017
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Artificial Intelligence is undergoing a second spring at the moment with Natural Language Processing finding ever wider applications in chatbots and other systems, while profiting from improving hardware and Deep Learning conquering the domain of Artificial Neural Networks. The Financial Industry has not ignored that trend, yet it cannot afford to miss a single opportunity of leveraging new developments to its advantage. 


Introducing the OBJECTIVES

Our main objectives are to discover and explore disruptive new approaches in the field of finance. We will do so by leveraging the expertise of our participants, mentors and speakers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Finance. Some topics discussed at our event may include but are not limited to predicting corporate ratings, analysing central bank statements, predicting cryptocurrency prices, stock-picking algorithms, etc.


The event will be hosted on the campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business!

On FRIDAY we will get togehter at 5pm and listen to our opening keynote and to an introdution from the organizers. After that we will introduce our mentors to you that will provide guidance during the hackathon. Moreover, you are free to pitch your ideas in front of your peers and build a team if you have not joined one yet! >>> Finally the hacking starts.  

SATURDAY will be kicked off with a breakfast. After that you will get together with your team members and continue your work. During the hackathon our mentors will help you with any issues that might arise.



Dr. Andreas S. Rath, CEO & CTO at ONDEWO GmbH creating an On Demand World through radically digitizing small and medium sized companies with artificial intelligence. After his Phd in Computer Science, 5 years researching user context detection with machine learning and 6 years digitizing 18 international corporations in 12 countries at McKinsey and Company, he is more passionate than ever about improving the world through AI.


Martin Linkov Co-Founder and COO at with 10+ years experience in Big Data, Social Media, Content Harvesting & Aggregation, Media Monitoring, Natural Language Processing - analysis and understanding. 8+ years of down to earth hands-on startup experience.


Dipl.Ing.Christian Weichselbaum Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Kivu Technologies. Kivu leverages its unique Big Data pllatform to provide cutting-edge analysis. Previous positions include data scientist and senior programmer at


Navid Rekabsaz, is currently a research assistant at TU WIEN with research interests on Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Text Mining. His focus is on the exploration of neural network-based semantic models for domain-specific applications i.e. in finance, patent, health, web, news, and social media. The research in this area contributes in and uses many aspects of data analysis i.e. machine learning, deep learning, and data visualization. In addition to the research career, for about 12 years (part- and full-time) he worked as (Senior) Software Engineer and Project Manager in the branch of e-commerce, stock market, banking, and ERP systems.


Dr. Klaudius Kalcher, MSc with long experience in Probability Theory - R, Medical Physics and Neuroscience at the Centre of Medical Physics and Bio-engineering.

 R-intro Workshop to Data Science by Dr.Kalcher



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