Artificial Intelligence and Finance Meet Up

Organized by Kjubit
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna
Jun 13th 2017
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Artificial intelligence in the field of finance

Artificial Intelligence is undergoing a second spring at the moment with Natural Language Processing finding ever wider applications in chatbots and other systems, while profiting from improving hardware and Deep Learning conquering the domain of Artificial Neural Networks. The Financial Industry has not ignored that trend, yet it cannot afford to miss a single opportunity of leveraging new developments to its advantage. 

Therefore we are hosting a meet up to the topic of Artificial Intelligence & Finance a few days before we are hosting the first Hackathon for this matter. 

The meet up will be accompanied by the following speakers:

Franz Dornig, Manager Cognitive Solutions at IBM

Christian Weichselbaum, Chief Data Scientist at KIVU Technologies 

Seraphim Czecker, Hedge Fund Division Chief and Co-President of WUTIS



We hope you are as excited as we are and join us for this special event! Feel free to approach us if you are interested in giving a talk!

Your kjubit team 

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