AT&T Entertainment Hackathon - Bay Area

Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara, Santa Clara
From Jul 27th 2018
To Jul 28th 2018
Over $2,500 in Amazon Gift Cards
Innovating Content Creation and Consumption
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Developers, designers, and creators in San Francisco and the Bay Area! Are you interested in entertainment and love to code? If so, the AT&T Developer Program invites you to participate in the AT&T Entertainment Hackathon - Bay Area. You'll be given 24 hours to imagine, design, and prototype an innovative app that will disrupt the way people experience, consume, or create content. Come with your team, or join one at the event.

Collaborate and compete for your share of a prize pool of over $2,500 in Amazon gift cards for the best entertainment app, the best next-gen advertising solution, or the best video/game.

Enhance your hackathon experience with advice from our expert tips page!

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