Audio Builders Workshop: Dec 12th & 13th

The Bridge Sound and Stage, Cambridge
From Dec 12th 2015
To Dec 13th 2015
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Saturday  December 12th 2015

10:30 AM to 5:00PM -- Designers "Hack-a-thon"  -- $30.00

Sunday December 13th 2015

10:00 AM to 10:30AM -- Pre Regastration

10:30  AM to 1:30PM -- Mic Builders Workshop 1 --  $375.00

01:30 PM to 2:00PM -- Lunch 

02:00 PM to 5:00PM -- Mic Builders Workshop 2 (Aval. If Workshop 1 is soldout) -- $375.00

Mic Builders Workshops: $375.00

We will be building the T-47 from!  The nearest commercial equivalent is the Mojave MA-201 FET (MSRP $795). The kit has custom PCBs, a recreation of the Neumann KM84 circuit (improved and hot-rodded), and a custom transformer.  The finished mic has higher output than the Mojave, and it has both a 10dB pad and cardioid/omni switch. The website price for the kit is $349 including a nice-looking unbranded microphone body. Cheeper mics are avalable but at that level I think it might be easier just to buy a mic from china. By the way, the component count is low enough that some of you could build 2 or more in a day. If you want to by more than 2 please contact me directly. 

Colour Platform "Hack-a-thon": 10:30AM to 5:00PM: $30  (If you have experience with design, Spice, Eagle etc. please contact Owen to join a design team at no cost.)

This is not a formal lecture but we will sell tickets for those who would like to help, observe or simply support the design teams. The design teams will do what they can to share their design process as they work.  

Each team will:

Simulate the circuit in software.

Build and test the circuit on a Prototyping PCB.

Generate manufacturing files so that PCBs can be mass produced.  

The Colour Platform has so much potential! It is our hope that the circuts from this workshop will be mass produced for sale at DIY.Re and avalable at cost to a builders workshops. 

"Colour was designed with and for the DIY audio community. Every design decision, from the width of the PCB traces to the modular approach, was made in tandem with a community of DIYers and professional gear designers during two years of development. The result is a world-class piece of equipment that delivers exceptional performance at an accessible price."

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