Australia's First Sextech Hackathon

Academy Xi Sydney (CBD), Sydney
From Mar 23rd 2018
To Mar 25th 2018
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The event price includes goodies, food and drinks for the entire weekend.

Australia's first Sextech Hackathon is here.

In the next few decades, our sex lives will undergo incredible change. 

The roles of apps, websites, robots and VR will continue to expand at the intersection of technology and sexuality, presenting possibilities that are infinite, awe-inspiring and unknown. 

A diverse range of voices and ideas are urgently needed to find new and innovative ways to use technology to deliver sex education, products and services for sexual health and wellness, assault reporting and dating.

As an industry, 'sextech' is already estimated to be worth A$20B and is set to become one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industries in the next few years.

If you have an idea or want to be involved in an amazing project that can make a difference in people's lives, join us for this ground-breaking hackathon.

What Is Sextech?

Most simply, sextech is any technology designed with the intention of enhancing human sexuality and human sexual experience.

Solutions may cover any of the areas associated with sexual experience from sexual health and wellbeing, to personal safety, choice of sexual experiences, personal dignity in sex, games, entertainment and dating experiences. 

Why Should You Care?

Innovations in sextech will allow us to experience, express, and understand our sexualities in ways we never thought possible. 

The key value of sextech products and services is that they are designed around relationships, bringing new ideas of intimacy, pleasure and desire to the human experience. While there is plenty of potential in this space, it is largely untapped. 

We believe that women-identified technologies and thinkers can influence the direction of this market, while also changing the cultural conversation and attitudes toward female sexuality. This event is designed to be open to all, but our ambition is for women's voices to be contributing elements to all projects arising from our event.

The Sextech Hackathon. What’s That?

A weekend-long hackathon in which all members will collaborate intensively on creating sextech products. Unlike other hackathons that may require some coding expertise, we are open to all skills and experience levels. Gathering together in teams, you will innovate, and depending on the expertise of the team, generate a working prototype, whether this is a technology product, a design or a campaign. 

Who Can Participate?

We welcome people of all job descriptions, whether you’re a designer, developer, marketer, entrepreneur, project manager, therapist or sexologist. Diverse groups often work incredibly well together to produce the best results. 

In particular, we are focused on making space for, and elevating the voices and perspectives of, women-identified people, although we support inclusion of all genders and sexualities.

Program Format & Schedule

Kicking off on Friday evening March 23 with talks from inspiring mentors.

We will form teams according to categories of interests and problem statements.

Following the team forming on Friday night, the remainder of the weekend will be spent working together to bring a project to life, and finish on Sunday with a Shark Tank-style pitch to a panel of judges.


March 23 FRIDAY 6-8pm - Sextech Talks and Team Formation.

March 24 SATURDAY 9am - 4pm - Hack day, work as teams, receiving expert mentoring from industry leaders.

March 25 SUNDAY 9am - 3pm - Hack day and pitching.


Categories to work on at the Sextech hackathon:







International speakers and mentors

We have a wonderful panel of industry experts lined up from across the globe, including:

Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound who recently raised $2.7 million for her female-first sex positive brand (USA)

Victoria Cullen, co-creator of the world's first sex toy design course at RMIT University (Australia)

Maeva Botrel, co-founder of the Sextech lab in Paris (France)

Mal Harrison, Director of Center For Erotic Intelligence (USA)

Aurelie Salvaire, founder of Shiftbalance, think-and-action tank collecting, producing and spreading information on everyday sexism (France)

Ross Dawson, a world-leading futurist, keynote speaker and entrepreneur, is the Chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies and the Publisher of


1st place: Return flight to Paris to the SexTechLab and the opportunity to participate in France's Sextech Hackathon (for project owner), full Academy Xi scholarship (worth approximately $4000) or $1750 Academy Xi course credit for each member of the team and $100 Academy Xi Bootcamp credit for each member of the team. Teams also receive 3 months of co-working at Vibewire and access to their mentor and support program.


2nd place: $1000 Academy Xi course credit for each team member and $100 Academy Xi Bootcamp credit for each member of the team  

3rd place: $750 Academy Xi course credit per team member and $100 Academy Xi bootcamp credit for each member of the team ($100)

For further enquiries or sponsorship, please contact

This event could not be possible without the support and dedication of our partners:

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