Autodesk Design Swarms Workshop: Hacking Homelessness

Organized by
CU School of Architecture and Planning, Denver
Jul 17th 2017
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Autodesk Design Swarms Workshop by AUTHENTIC

This is a day-long event led by Surya Vanka the creator of Design Swarms Workshops. Participants will be provided all materials, tools, and a completion certificate. All are welcome. No previous design knowledge or experience is needed. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Autodesk the regular workshop fee of $400 has been subsided to $25 only for Denver Design Week 2017 attendees. Workshop is limited to 60 participants. No refunds.

Design Swarms Workshops

A Design Swarms Workshop is a unique agile problem-solving format that brings together the speed and flexibility of hackathons with the user-centered design thinking. Design Swarms have helped to accelerate solution development in large corporates (Amazon, Autodesk, Microsoft, MSR, T-Mobile), small startups (Authentic, DataDesignBiz, ColorTool), non-profits (Net Impact, Clinton Global foundation, Global Humanitarian Lab), education (UW, OSU, RMIT) and social innovation projects (eg. Reducing women’s homelessness in Seattle, aging with independence in Hong Kong, traffic safety in Indian cities, maker labs for refugee camp in Rwanda). 

Design Challenge: Hacking Homelessness

Home to some of the most innovative businesses on the planet, Colorado is enjoying an economic boom. Yet Colorado’s homeless population increased by 13% last year, and has the third worst drug problem in the country.  A perfect storm of circumstances is pushing many onto the streets. What would happen if we used design-led approaches to address this challenge? You will be given a specific design challenge relating to homelessness in Denver on the morning of the workshop and will tackle this as a team working with other concerned citizen (designers, researchers, data scientists, engineers, sociologists, students, and others) and will be led through fun, creative and intensely collaborative series of high-velocity design thinking sprints to propose a solution. This is a competition with prizes for the top teams.

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