AutoMobility LA Hackathon

Organized by BeMyApp
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles
From Nov 17th 2019
To Nov 18th 2019
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The Hackathon

There is a continuing focus on investments that support electric charging infrastructure and transportation. These investments help accelerate a more sustainable future for states, local communities, and commerce while influencing the way businesses and consumers alike access and prioritize their mobility options.Over the course of two days, hackathon participants are asked to develop the enabling software and architectures to support an electric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and long-haul, electric trucks as they travel along the 1,300 miles of Interstate 5 from Mexico to Canada. Participants in the challenge will seek development opportunities to integrate Los Angeles city data, use of Alexa skill(s), the AWS Connected Vehicle Reference Architecture (CVRA 2.0), HERE Location Services (geocoding/search, fleet telematics, map data, navigation, routing), and the SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services drive, location and crash incident data.

The Challenge

Participants in the hackathon will be challenged to develop solutions that support:

Smart-charging journey planning (ML for most convenient station, predict availability, advance scheduling, and reservation) including integrated payments 

Battery performance and analytics and calculating range based upon driving style

Improving the in-vehicle experience (e.g. using Alexa for Automotive)

Use vehicle and location data to create models for predicting either:

Driving range based on driving style

 Impact/damage modeling based on real time vehicular data

Who Should Attend

Developers who are skilled in the following areas (but are not limited to) are highly encouraged to attend: Blockchain, Business Applications, Mobility as a Service, Connected Vehicle, Smarter Cities Solution Development, Content Delivery, Data Lakes and Analytics, DevOps, E-Commerce, High Performance Computing, Hybrid Cloud Architectures, Internet of Things, AI & Machine Learning, Mobile Services, Modern Application Development, Scientific Computing, Serverless Computing, Websites, Location Services, Security, Maps, Geocoding and Search Routing Fleet Telematics, Geovisualization, Advertising, Data Services and Tracking.

Judging and Prizes 

Your projects will be judged on the following criteria:  Innovation, Use of Technology and Impact.  

Impact: Will this solution have a far reach and market potential?

Innovation:  Is the project new and disruptive?

Technical Execution:  How has the team effectively utilized the available technologies?  How easy is the application to use?  How advanced is the prototype presented?

$20,000 Prize Pool!

Grand Prize:  $10,000

Runner Up:  $5,000

Additional category prizes will also be awarded. Projects that win the Grand Prize and Runner Up are NOT eligible to win the category prizes. Categories are Impact, Innovation, and Technical Execution.  All prizes will be divided equally between each member of the winning Team.

Impact:  $1,000 

Innovation:  $1,000 

Technical Execution:  $1,000

TWO random drawings for all Qualified Solutions*:  $1,000

* Solution that addresses the hackathon challenge, a solution that was presented during demos and is deemed by the hackathon organizers to be submitted in good faith

Hackathon Agenda

Sunday, November 17, 2019 | Hackathon Day 1

7:00am - Doors open / Registration & Badge Pick-Up / Breakfast

8:30am - Kickoff and Introductions

9:00am - Ideation & Team Formation

11:00am - Crash Tests

12:00pm - Lunch

3:00pm - Activity

6:00pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Presentation Overview / Demo Tips

8:00pm - Team Registration Due

11:59pm - Late Night Snack / Overnight Hacking Available

Monday, November 18, 2019 | Hackathon Day 2

8:00am - Breakfast / Technical Support Resumes

9:00am - Hacking Continues

10:00am - AV Checks & Pitch Practice

11:00am - Lunch

12:00pm - Project Submission 

2:00pm - Final Presentations 

4:00pm - Judges Deliberate

5:00pm - Closing Remarks

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 | Hackathon Award Presentations

1:30pm - 2:00pm - Hackathon Award Presentations

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If you have any questions, please contact

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