Back To Work ll, Inc. Presents an Hour of Code and Beyond: A Wearable Tech Hack & Cautionary Game Jam

Johnson Neighborhood Library, Houston
From Dec 10th 2015
To Dec 12th 2015
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Event Details

Back To Work ll, Inc. and The CODE for Empowerment and Humanity are launching our second hackathon and it will include a cautionary simulation jam which is entitled "An Hour of Code and Beyond a Wearable Tech Hack & Jam"!


Our hack & Jam’s Challenge, Cyber Security and Personal Safety, will emphasize how concerned citizens can help create positive change within the global community through helping developing an Entrepreneurial Information Technology and Software Engineering Apprenticeship and School to Apprenticeship ecosystem, that addresses economic empowerment, humanitarian values and social justice themes.


Teams will develop skills, technologies and solutions that solve problems in this space. “Cyber Security and Personal Safety” is about creating a good and safe environment for both our citizens and their machines. 

What is a hack & Jam?

Our Wearable Technology Hack and Cautionary Simulator Jam is an event designed for concerned citizens to unite to solve problems by building apps for simulators, websites and wearable technologies that address Cyber and personal Security and safety. This educational and skills development life changing opportunity focuses on critical thinking and team work allows students to work in teams with experienced mentors over a weekend to learn how to plan and build apps over 5 months then demo a solution with team members to potential educators and employers!


Who will be there and what can one learn? This Wearable Technology Hack and Cautionary Simulator Jam is open to participants of all experience levels.  Previous computer camp and STEM exposure is great but if you’re new to coding and building apps, you’re welcome to apply as well!

Participants of all experience levels are welcome

Participants entering 6th through 14th grade next year

Participants who are interested in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Gaming, Mobile and Wearable Technologies 


What's the schedule?


Thursday, December 10th: 5:00pm – 7:30pm (registration begins at 4:30pm) 

Location: Johnson Neighborhood Library (3517 Reed Rd, Houston TX 77051)

Friday, December 11th: 6:00pm – 10:00pm (registration begins at 5:30pm)

Location: Gregg Elementary (6701 Roxbury, Houston TX 77087)

Saturday, December 12th: 11:00am – 4:30pm (registration begins at 10:30am) 

Location: Mancuso Neighborhood Library (6767 Bellfort, Houston TX 77087)


We're looking for mentors and volunteers to help with this event! 




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