Berlin: DCI Hackathon 3rd edition

DCI Campus, Berlin, Berlin
Sep 27th 2018
From beginners to experts - showcase your techie skills
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DCI (Digital Career Institute) is hosting their 3rd hackathon, where the students of DCI and anyone else are welcomed to join and hack something together, get to know each other and make some new friends. In the morning teams selected ideas will shortly present their projects and form a group with the complementary skills to build the projects together during the day. At the end of the day they will present what they have hacked together to everyone else and win a surprising prizes.The skill set can be from beginner to advanced levels, therefore please don’t worry if you think you are not a right fit for this event. You can even courageously write a “Hello World!” program in JavaScript and present it in front of the crowd and get into the culture of hackers.

Since our 6th batch of the Web Development will have their last campus day, they will present their project and receieve certificates as well. 

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