BitClave Blockchain Developer Hackathon 2018

Organized by BitClave
Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley, Moffett Field
From Aug 25th 2018
To Aug 26th 2018
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BitClave is pleased to announce the first ever BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) developer hackathon organized by BitClave and Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley.

Over 24 hours of hacking, free food, and fun—you will team up with other blockchain and full stack developers to create an idea (website, application, or other) that utilizes the BASE API and platform.

What is BASE?

BASE is BitClave's ecosystem that allows developers to leverage user data that is provided by said users. For example use cases and more information about BASE, head over to BitClave's whitepaper at


Day 1 12:00 PM: Doors Open & Lunch1:00 PM: Opening Ceremony, Sponsor Welcomes, & Team Building2:00 PM : Coding Kick Off7:00 PM : Dinner*Venue open overnight!

Day 28:00 AM:  Breakfast12:00 PM : Lunch1:00 PM: Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on 1:30 PM: A/V Check2:00 PM: Demos 4:00 PM: Winners are Announced / Prizes!


Top 3: TBA

Top 10: Automatic submission into BitClave's $50,000 developer challenge -


All submissions will be judged by BitClave at the event. 


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