.BLD() Hackathon cpagemini

Organized by Capgemini
DUS Utrecht, Sophialaan 1, Utrecht
From Nov 1st 2019
To Nov 2nd 2019
Solving ‘real life’ cases with various cool technologies in just 24 hours? That’s what it’s all about!
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Automating data analysis to detect criminals faster. Or reducing the energy consumption of a house by utilizing its data? These are a few of the real-life questions our clients are struggling with. Together with your team you will come up with ideal and impactful solutions, and all this just within within 24 hours.

The challenges

During the Hackathon you will be working with Capgemini colleagues and external participants in more than 25 teams on different real-life challenges. 

After 24 hours of hard work, the winning team will take home a fantastic prize. You will be judged based on teamwork, the impressiveness of the solution, creativity and to what extent the solution is realistic. The prize? We will keep that a secret. But what we know for sure, is that you as a professional could certainly use it!

This is what the Hackathon will look like

On Friday November 1st at 5 pm the Hackathon will start. Of course, you will not just be working on your challenge, but there will also be all sorts of activities you can partake in. You can spar with our experts on Design Thinking. You can get help with presenting your pitch. Need a powernap? No problem. There are plenty of spots to have a quick snooze. Need a place to work in peace and quiet? Also not a problem. We have various spaces available where you can focus. On Saturday morning we will wake you with a Haka workshop, and during the 24 hours of the Hackathon feel free to enjoy a multitude of (healthy) snacks, drinks, a BBQ and of course lots of fun. What else could you want?

Where & When

Friday November 1st, 5:00 pm untill Saturday November 2nd 10:00 pm

Location: De Utrechtse Stadsvrijheid, Utrecht

DUS Utrecht
1 November 2019 - 2 November 2019
Sophialaan 1


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