Blockchain and Machine Learning Workshop (Hack'n'Lead Prep)

Organized by women++
Impact Hub Zürich - Viadukt, Zürich
May 26th 2018
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Never been to a hackathon? Or been to one but would love to attend pitch training, or hands-on blockchain and machine learning workshops? This will be perfect for you! The info event will happen 3 weeks before the hackathon Hack'n'Lead. Come by and we will tell you how to make the most of this experience!

What is Hack'n'Lead?

Hack'n'Lead is the first women-friendly hackathon in Switzerland happening in Zurich in June. We believe that the world needs more female leaders, therefore we made a great effort to re-invent the concept of hackathons. See our website for more details.

What is Hack'n'Lead Prep Event?

We invite anyone interested in applying to Hack'n'Lead to this preparatory event. It will not only help you find your feet in the hackathon event format but also enrich your skillset with fun technical workshops.


- General introduction to hackathons,- Google intro into Machine Learning: Code Lab workshop,- Validity Labs on blockchains & coding smart contracts,- Pitch trainingMore info1. General intro- info about Hack'n'Lead,- application procedure,- benefits of taking part in hackathons explained.2. Machine Learning with Google: 1h educational session on ML during the prep event.(more details soon)3. Blockchains & smart contracts by Validity Labs- a practical introduction to coding smart contracts even for people that have never been in touch with blockchain;- basics about the smart contract language Solidity and development tools,- deployment of your first smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.4. Pitch Training(more details soon)www.hackandlead.comWhat to bring

charged (!) laptop, charger, interest in attending Hack'n'Lead, confirmation from EventbriteDISCLAIMER: Pictures help us tell our story and secure funding for future events. By attending this event, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your entry constitutes your consent to any use of such photography, filming and/or recording in connection with the undertakings of women++.

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