Blockchain for wastewater recycling - Webinar

Organized by BlobCity
Nairobi, Nairobi
Jan 24th 2019
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2030 Water Resources Group hosted by The World Bank Group in collaboration with Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority and Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a Hackathon: Code for a Cause - Global Hackathon on Blockchain, inviting developers, start-ups, students and interested entities to develop blockchain algorithms to facilitate wastewater recycling. 


Webinar Agenda

- Welcome Note- Introduction to global water challenges- Use of Blockchain for wastewater recycling- Introduction to Wastewater Reuse Certificates- Implementation Case Scenarios- Code for a cause to address world’s growing water challenges- WRC Blockchain Global Hackathon - How to participate- Closing remarks



 Ajith Radhakrishnan

 2030 WRG - India Country Coordinator, The World Bank

 Mahesh Patankar

 2030 WRG, The World Bank

 Sanket Sarang

 CTO, BlobCity

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