Blockchain Professional Developer Bootcamp | Part-Time

The DEN, Fremont
Nov 17th 2018
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| 3 Week Part-Time Developer Bootcamp

Condense months of research and struggle into 6 full days of curated Blockchain development experience!

Blockchain Developers can make over $150,000+ in the Silicon Valley!

Delve into the inner workings of the Ethereum Blockchain, build your own smart contracts in Solidity, interact with them in your own customized decentralized applications, and walk away with industry-standard experience that leads to career-changing job opportunities in the Blockchain space!

Experience curriculum that has been vetted by notable CTOs and Blockchain developers within our network, ensuring that participants leave our bootcamp with the knowledge and tools required to get hired at Blockchain-focused companies. The result is a cohesive bootcamp experience that empowers developers to make the most of this exciting new technology. 

Start with the basics, and work your way through hands-on coding sessions, collaborative projects, and a concluding hackathon to master the intricacies of building products in a decentralized programming environment. Interact directly with the Ethereum blockchain, expand your knowledge with the Truffle Suite, and walk away with functional projects you can continue to develop and showcase on your resume. 

Upon completion, participants also earn our Blockchain Developer Certification and gain access to our growing Alumni Support System of CTOs at Blockchain companies, hiring partners, and industry contacts.

| How to Apply

Participants are admitted on an application-only basis. Send in your application here:


| Audience:

This bootcamp is designed to give individuals with little to no experience in Solidity and Smart Contract programming all of the tools, resources, and hands-on experience they need to deploy functional Decentralized applications and write production-level code for Blockchain projects. 2+ Years of previous development experience is highly recommended, especially using an OOP languages like Python, Java, or Javascript.

| Agenda (3 Weeks, Saturdays & Sundays from 10AM-5PM):

Download the full syllabus HERE

Day 1 - Foundations of the Ethereum Network

- Introduction to Etheruem, gas, and Blockchain essentials

- Learn how to deploy a Smart Contract using Solidity syntax

- Utilize Remix/MetaMask/Mist

- Handle variables and arguements in a smart contract

- Project: Launch your own ERC-20 ICO Token and trade with the group- and more

Day 2 - Practice Building Secure Smart Contracts

- Add functional components to your Smart Contract- Discuss different Blockchains & Interfaces

- Contract to contract interactions- Real world project: Security Auditing smart contracts- and more

Day 3 - Connecting the Blockchain to the Real World

- Bit-level security

- Solidity Security protocols and best-practices- Build a Solidity library from scratch- Connect to the blockchain using the Web3 framework

- Real world project: Track employees with a decentralized RFID Reader

- and more

Day 4 - Smart contract Pitfalls, Testing, and Debugging

- Unit testing using Truffle Suite

- Oracles and acting on data outside of the blockchain - Project: Business network application modeling

- Brainstorm Hackathon Ideas- and more

Day 5 - To the Moon

- Project: Sports Betting on the Blockchain with Oracles


- Upgradeable Smart Contracts

- Design Patterns

- and more

Day 6 - Hackathon & Final Certification Exam

- Hackathon project brainstorming: Blockchain for Social Impact

- Let the hacking begin!

- Smart Contract optimization session

- Hackathon conculsion: Industry Expert judging panel

- DEN Professional Blockchain Developer Certification Exam

| About Your Instructor:

Elliot Friedman has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2014 when he first became aware of this new asset class. Elliot is very excited about the potential for blockchain technology and the industries it can disrupt. He has a background in the C Programming Language that makes learning new blockchain frameworks easy. He is specifically interested in smart contracts, and privacy oriented cryptocurrencies as he believes corporations should not get to mine and collect consumer’s financial data. He has built blockchains in C, Python, and Javascript. He is currently reviewing source code from a new DAG that allows users to create smart contracts on top of a private chain.


| When does the class meet?

This course runs for 3 weekend sessions, Saturday - Sunday, from 10 AM - 5 PM. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. There will be additional resources and activities to complete between sessions. 

Following the course, you will be entered into The DEN's Alumni Network. This exclusive program grants you access to active Blockchain projects being built out by our newly certified Blockchain Developers. Entrepreneurs in our community will provide you with additional experience you can leverage in your job search.

| Pricing:

- $500 + 8% of your first year salary upon getting hired following our Bootcamp (for qualifying applicants only)


- $2,500 Upfront 

Yes, we accept crypto as well!

| What Should I Bring?

Bring your laptop and charger. Mac/PC/Linux are all supported.

There will be an hour lunch break each day. 

Please arrive prepared to learn! Instructions will be sent out via email to properly prepare for the bootcamp.

Learn more about our community at!

Join the conversation on our telegram at!

You can always reach us directly at (408) 657-0861 or email us at!

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