BlokTech x EOS Miami presents A.I. and Blockchain

Organized by BlokTech
Venture Cafe Miami, Miami
Mar 18th 2019
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In collaboration with EOS Miami, BlokTech Network presents A.I. and Blockchain.Open bar with beer / wine, free parkingOpportunity to Pitch to New World Angels, a leading South Florida Angel Group, active in the blockchain space.-------------------------------------Topics for Episode 3:PART 1: placing Dwayne Wade's augmented reality sneakers on blockchain:Juan Carlos GalloDigital Designer & creator of the Dwayne Wade augmented reality sneakers. We will discuss how to place his designs on blockchain utilizing the dGoods standard of Dwayne Wade viewing his AR sneakers: 2: Garnering Angel Investment for Blockchain Startups presentation by New World AngelsDr. Orin Levy Blockchain, Healthcare and Augmented Reality investor. He personally owns EOS tokens, was a practicing Urologist for many years, and was the investor/board observer in Paracosm, the Gainesville augmented reality LIDAR scanning startup, acquired by Occipital.New World Angels also invested in Recordgram, the South Florida Music Blockchain startup that was one of the winners on Season 1 of Apple TV's Planet of the Apps Show and subsequently landed a million dollar investment from and Lightspeed Ventures.Dr. Levy also was in an investor in Kairos, the AI Blockchain Startup in Miami.-------------------------------------.PART 3: Workshop Headstart for HIMMS Global Healthcare IT conference next week presented by Microsoft to us today(Microsoft IOT in Action Conference in Orlando next week is co-located with HIMMS 2019 free admission link: )We have a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services IOT hands-on workshop with Rasberry PI's & cameras and also The Things Network LoRaWan overviewHerve RoggeroMicrosoft Azure MVPHerve will be demoing how to build a Raspberry PI image recognition device and connect to Azure cloud-based AI. He will bring extra IOT camera kits for anyone to follow-along during the demo.We will discuss how blockchain can be utilized to reduce bias and racial profiling in certain artificial intelligence models.Overview of Code for Fort Lauderdale's project to bring The Things Network wireless city-wide open source LoRaWan network to South Florida and how it can be integrated into the Rasberry PI project we build today. Presentations:-------------------------------------PART 1: South Florida Census 2020 Hackathon PreviewPraveen YalamanchiEOS Miami co-founderPraveen will give an overview of plans for the South Florida Census 2020 Hackathon at Broward Main Library and the purpose of ensuring that every resident is counted so South Florida gets its full share of US Congressional Representation and Federal budget through 2030. We will discuss how AI Blockchain can be helpful with the Census.This will be modeled off the 2020 Census Hackathon hosted by the City of Los Angeles, LA Public Library and the LA Deputy CIO Jeanne Holm (who helped City of Miami CIO Mike Sarasti on Sea Level Rise projects). Praveen participated in the LA hackathon.Livestream of LA Hackathon:part 1: 2: 2: EOSChallenge LaunchChad Folkening will present his new site http://EOSChallenge.comEOSChallenge is a leading solution platform for EOS opportunities, owned by the players and seeking to support the EOS ecosystem.

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