Build a Mobile App with Meteor

The Hub CityView, Philadelphia
Nov 16th 2015
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Have you ever had a great idea for a mobile app, but thought you just didn’t have enough time to build it? With Meteor, you can build that mobile app in less time!

We are honored to co-host this Wine + Code with Meteor Philadelphia! Speaker Michael Ghobrial will show you how to start creating a mobile app using Meteor and Materialize CSS. Naturally, there will be a lot of questions, so he’ll spend some time answering those. Then, after a short break, we’ll all work on building a mobile app together.

Meetup Agenda

* 6: Arrivals, networking

* 6:30: Keynote – let’s learn how to build a mobile app

* 7:30: Hackathon – let’s build a mobile app

Michael Ghobrial is co-founder of, a developer, and an attorney.  He has been melding his love of technology and problem solving since he could reach a keyboard. 

Wine and pizzas are sponsored by the New York Code + Design Academy.

And there will be some Meteor swag for attendees!

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