Holy City Center , Addis Ababa
From Oct 2nd 2015
To Oct 4th 2015
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Code for the Kingdom, a Leadership Network hackathon initiative, convenes bright entrepreneurs and technologists to use their gifts to affect global culture from a Christian perspective. It seeks to advance the Gospel through the creation of new technologies addressing significant issues confronting society, community, families, and spiritual life. In 2015, we are expanding Code for the Kingdom to include a Global Hackathon Weekend where we are collaborating with Indigitous - a global community of people passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies - to host events in 15 locations simultaneously. Together our vision is to provide more opportunities for communities around the world to participate and showcase innovation and entrepreneurship in their communities. We expect over 1,000 people to participate and address a number of challenges aimed at helping release the oppressed, teaching God’s Word, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and supporting the church and the body of Christ.

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