Call for Mentors / Experts in Area of IoT, AI, Blockchain

Organized by Ajit Joshi
Computer Society of India, Mumbai
Dec 17th 2016
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CSI is  planning to conduct a hackathon & Startup Meet on Jan 14, 15 as a part of its academic event technext. The venue is IIT Bombay. Details of this are being planned. We are looking at partnering with various organisations at this moment. 

This Saturday November 17, we are inviting technical people in areas of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things who are interested to volunteer for this event are invited to attend a briefing session. 

Volunteers are expected to prepare technical support in creating problem statement for hackathon, conducting workshops / lectures at venue, providing sponsorship, prizes, or cloud Infrastructure for event etc. The attendees will be largely IT, Computer engineering and MCA students, startups and young software professionals.

This will be a meeting to discuss ideas in general for the event and there is no seminar or talk being given here. 

There are no charges to attend but everyone is expected to be on time. 

Direction : The venue is close to Seepz. Call CSI office 022 2823 5546 for any help


Ajit Joshi 

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