Calling for ideas for "Apps" for Startup Hackathon Monterey Bay

Business & Information Technology - Room 104, Seaside
Nov 20th 2015
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The Startup Monterey Bay Hackathon (formerly the Ideas of March Hackathon) is a three day Mobile App development competition at California State University Monterey Bay that brings together teams of students to develop proto-type Apps for non-profits and small businesses in the Monterey Bay area.   

During the weekend teams of students will produce a real, working prototype application in return for meals and a chance for fame and fortune, should one create the next killer app.  We are looking for App ideas from local community organizations, small businesses, startups, and university departments.  

If your organization, company or department is interested, please Register and describe your idea for an App.

Provide a short description no later than Monday, November 16th that can be sent to the students ahead of time.

Have someone from your organization give a 2-3 minute pitch to the students on Friday, November 20th, at 4pm.  This really helps in getting your App idea chosen.

Have someone from your organization available by phone  to answer questions from the team about your App idea. Or stop by to visit the team. 

Join us on Sunday, November 20th beginning at 1:00pm to see the Apps, see the winning Apps, and celebrate with the students on their hard work.

The event kicks off on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 4:00 pm with ideas proposed by Monterey Bay community organizations and small businesses. Students will choose which Apps they are interested in working on and teams will be formed on those chosen by at least 4 students.

Teams will have the rest of the weekend to build a working prototype application. The Apps will be evaluated by judges on Sunday, November 22, 2015  afternoon and the winners chosen.

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